Friday, July 17, 2009

Dead Set:: A Zombie Anthology

Great news! I am now co-editing a new zombie anthology called "Dead Set" from 23 House Publishing! My co-editor is the great Joe McKinney, a fellow author, and surprisingly, a homicide detective with the San Antonio Police Department. I have a well-worn copy of his novel "Dead City" on my bookshelf. We have started getting submissions and are reading and reviewing them. Want to submit? Go to
for the guidelines and submission information.
I also contacted author Steve Alten about submitting, and he said that he would! Well, we will see how that goes! It's not a paying publication, so he might change his mind once he reads that on the submission page...let's hope not...I would love to get him in there!
We have a submission by David Dunwoody, another excellent author!
Things are getting great and I am having a blast with this!

On a personal note, we got a little dog and named him Fang! He is the best dog ever!

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