Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh noes, where haz I been?

I haven't blogged here in almost 2 months, I guess because I was busy writing! That's a GOOD thing, right? I became a huge fan of our new women's roller derby team, the Twin City Knockers, and wrote and article about them what will be published in the May/June issue of The Minute magazine in Louisiana! I'm so excited about that - my first article publication, and my first non-horror publication to boot! (ha ha!) Unless you count Gori Dori...she is one of the derby girls...
Any hoo.

I have been blogging, of sorts, at another blog I started:
After winning a contest at Neatobamino (an off-shoot of that consisted of "What funny things do your kids say?" I realized that Sammy needed a website. Many friends and family members have said to me, "That kid needs a blog" or "I would LOVE to read his Tweets!" Well, I find that an 11 year old probably won't sit down and do that...but his mama will! It's been fun writing all the funny things he says and does, because he really is a unique character indeed. I do also mention Michael, my 13 year old, because he's not getting away free and clear on the blog! I figure no 13 year old wants their mom blogging about them exclusively, but I will take times to mention how awesome he is too!

Things have been hectic in my life, per the usual. I did take my family with me, early yesterday morning, to the Walk MS event. There were a LOT of folks there, raising funds and awareness to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Not only do I have it, my cousin Frank and my little brother-in-law, Thomas, who is only 8 years old, has it also. It's not fun for any of us, but I am lucky that my progression is really slowwww.....that being said, I go back to the doctor tomorrow to get the results of the memory test I had to take Friday morning. Hey, I remembered to be there, don't I get bonus points for that? Last time I took it, they told me I didn't do so great and that I have ADD. Yay for me! Dr. Kundo told me that if the results aren't the same as last time, meaning if they have declined from a year ago, he is going to treat me for the memory loss and ADD. Dangit, keep your fingers crossed for me. If I can remember, I will update you all later. HA HA. (Hey at least I can laugh at myself!)

Have a good week folks, oh and one more thing...
Remember that somebody always has it worse off than you, so be grateful for what you have.

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