Monday, February 16, 2009

Geekin' Out

I am still totally hyped about getting a couple of my short stories published. One of my ambitions in life has always been to get something published. Now that is happening, I feel the need to bump it up a notch and start working on a book. I am just waiting for that idea or inspiration to come along. A lot of my ideas, as silly as it may sound, come to me in dreams! It's like my subconscious imagination works while I sleep and plants these seeds in my mind. Sometimes I forget them, so I am keeping a journal on my nightstand - just in case.
The thing is, I really need to devote time to writing. I mostly do it in spurts, just whenever I feel like it. I need to set aside time from my already horrendously busy schedule and just focus on writing. I also need to exercise, so ha ha, let's see how that goes!
Anyhow, I had a great busy weekend. I love living in Louisiana - Mardi Gras parades are so awesome! It's an all day party just to act crazy for 2 hours to try to get people to bean you with cheap pieces of plastic! Where else can you do that? You tell me.

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