Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coming Soon

I have been on a kick lately. I punched out a story and sent it in to Dr. P at Library of the Living Dead Press for Zombology 3, and he accepted, so I am thoroughly excited about that! So, maybe for my own vain purposes (because I just can't believe it, maybe?) I wanted to post what stories will be coming out soon that were written by me.
In Zombology 2, my story titled "Release" will be printed. It's written from first person, which is new to me. I have trouble figuring out if I am any good at that, so if you read it, let me know what you think.
In Zombology 3, my just accepted story will be "Urgent Matters." I wrote this one from the heart - let's just say it's about a common problem that I face....and those of you who know me know this. : )
I can't remember which Zombology will have only flash fiction (which is 500 words or less) but it is either 4 or 5. I will have a story in it titled "The Neighborhood."
I submitted a poem for the Poetry Anthology, but I am not sure what's happening with that.
Anyhow, I really need to get cracking on a novel. A few people have shown interest in me fleshing out "Every Rose" and continuing Rose's "adventures," so to speak. That is definitely an option, I am just waiting on that inspiration bug to bite me in the butt, I guess! So, hopefully when school is out for my kids this summer, I will have a little more free time in the evenings to work on my writing.

On another note, we recently found out that my oldest son, Michael -
was accepted into Caddo Middle Magnet, which is the BEST middle school in the state of Louisiana. Just to brag for a second...he is definitely a smart-ASS, but he is also VERY smart-brained! He scored in the 95% percentile on the admission test. Wow. I am very proud of him.

Second, my Sammy -
is going to be a Munchkin in "Oz the Musical" on June 2 at The Strand Theatre here in Shreveport! He is super excited about getting to sing and dance on stage. This is the kid who knows every word to every Journey song. He also likes Rocky movies, walks in the woods, and farting.

Also a note for me as a proud mama....both of my boys will be performing their own kung fu duo demonstration called "Big Trouble in Little China" next week in our local Artbreak Talent Show. They had to audition to be in it, and of over 80 groups of kids who tried out, only about 20 were picked. So I am defintely proud of them. They will be doing a traditional Chinese Lion Dance (in this:and then will do a choreographed (sp?) fight sequence, and then Sammy will do his sabre form, and Michael will follow up with his staff form. I will be video-taping, so I will probably post somewhere and let everyone know. I am so proud of them for sticking with kung fu for 5 years now. It takes a good 10 -12 years for someone to get a black belt in kung fu, and Michael is already halfway there. Sammy is trucking along and getting ready to test for his green belt. (proud mama moment) I would much rather be a kung fu mom than a soccer mom ANY day of the week!

So, that is enough of my gushing over my kids. I have tried not to on this blog, but I can't help it, they are my life!


Kody Boye said...

You sure are taking off, aren't you, Michelle? :D

What little I read of 'Every Rose' was quite good, so if you decide to flesh that out, I don't see how that'd be a problem. Of course, I know what it's like to want to write something different. I've been working on a dark fantasy novel for three months, and while I love it to death (because it's a resurrection of something I wrote three years ago, and it's a lot better,) it's starting to wear on me. I mean, I LOVE the story, but a 106,000-word novel is just... meh.


I'll leave that there. I'm currently trying to figure out when to stop preheating the oven... *gulp*

~ Kody

Victorya said...

haha at the '...and farting'

congrats to you and your little'ens!