Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's been a really busy few months for me and I just realized I haven't blogged in awhile! So much to catch my 2 readers up on! (LOL)

I took a wonderful trip with my husband to Pittsburgh in September. We attended the Horror Realm convention, where I got to meet so many good friends and fellow zombie authors, not to mention some horror movie icons! Ken Foree, Tony Todd, Bill Mosley, and lots of zombies from the original Dawn of the Dead movie were there, and I got pics and autographs! I also ate my dinner in the hotel restaurant while sitting at a table right next to THE Tom Savini! How cool is that?
The best part was finally meeting all the Permuted and Library of the Living Dead authors and fans who I have been friends with online now for almost 2 years! It was great to hug Dr. Pus, give Zombie Zak a cookie and and put a face to the "user name" of everyone else! And man, Jacob & Matthew from Permuted are TALL! Mikey and I went to the Monroeville Mall and the Evans City Cemetery, must see places for zombie movie fans!

After all that, it was rehearsals every night for a month and a half for the "Night of the Living Dead" play where I played the part of Barbara! It was my first ever acting experience and I loved it! We had 3 shows at the end of October; it was probably one of the most fun and different experiences of my life.

October 11th was the Shreveport Zombie Walk, of which I am the coordinator! It was such a huge success this year; we had almost 200 zombies in attendance and we raised 734 pounds of food for the local food bank! The local indie theater, Robinson Film Center, also did a "Zombie Weekend" in conjunction with the walk. They showed on the big screen Dawn of the Dead (the original), Shaun of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead. The whole weekend was an absolute blast and made significantly better by the fact that my cousin Sara and her kids came in and stayed with us the whole weekend!

So, now I am just working part time and writing when I can. I am still reading submissions for "Dead Set" which is the zombie anthology I am co-editing with author Joe McKinney. It's coming in Spring 2010 from 23 House Publishing. Man, the stories that will be in it are awesome! We got a couple of big names and lots of other great new authors - it will be sure to please! I will also have a story in it called "Pierre and Remy Hatch a Plan," and let's just's about LSU, redneck Cajuns and zombies!

Mikey is getting ready to deploy to Iraq (again) on Jan. 5 (his birthday - BOO!) It seems like I forgot what it was like to do this and it is starting to all come back to me - and hitting me pretty hard with today being Veterans Day. I am so going to miss him. Please keep him in your prayers; please keep all service members in your prayers. I just worry so much about him coming home safe. We had a REALLY close call last time and I will not take his safety for granted.

Anyhow, that's about all for now. I hope to update this more regularly, especially when he is gone. It will give me something more to do and maybe take my mind off of things sometimes. Oh, and that fact that I have a hormonal pre-teen living in my house now who will become a teenager while his dad is deployed. Yay me. God, help me.

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