Thursday, December 17, 2009

You use up all the glue on purpose!

So, here I am more than a month later after promising my 2 readers that I would keep up with this more often. My crazy life has made a liar out of me! Seriously, I have to keep going all day because when I sit in my recliner for a second, I pass out cold. I have to make sure EVERYTHING is done and the kids are in bed before I do that or I am in big trouble.

Good news! I have a 12 year old and a 10 year old now! Why is that good news? I have managed to keep them alive! A wise older woman I used to know once told me that after you have kids, you spend the next 18 years trying to keep them from getting killed. That makes sense seeing as that I sometimes make them go to their room and shut the door for their own safety. But seriously folks, you know I love my boys...they are just a handful sometimes, especially that little clone of my husband! What to do with a hormonal 12 year old with a cell phone and an infatuation with a little girl who looks like Ginny Weasley? Don't gripe at me about the cell phone; I like being able to know where he is at all times - especially since Daddy is leaving for Iraq soon. It's peace of mind and I am willing to deal with consequences to get it. I am even thinking about adding a line for Sammy.

Now it's Christmastime again and all of the wonderful stress of the holidays! Well, I am thankful that the National Guard is giving my husband a 2 week leave and that I have a wonderful boss who is pretty much letting me take 2 weeks off to spend it with my family. I am looking forward to sleeping in until 10 am and rolling over in the bed to see his face, because it won't be like that for long. A whole year of a lonely bed - I hate that. I guess Sammy will have to start sleeping with me again. He didn't mind last time Daddy was deployed; he was 4 years old! I hope he doesn't mind now because having him sleep in the bed with me sometimes just makes me feel better. Am I weird for that?

I am trying to come up with things to keep me occupied - well, my brain occupied - while the husband is gone. It's not like I don't have enough things to do already; work, taking the boys to kung fu and Renzi, volunteering enormous amounts of time with Cub Scouts and various other things I always seem to get myself into. I just need an itellectual thing to do. I have decided to TRY my best to write my first book in 2010 or enough stories to fill a book. Okay, maybe a novella length book. I have written lots of short stories and I need to cross that line and go more than 10k words, people. I think that after "Dead Set" is released and I see that "editor" mark on my list of accomplishments, I will get motivated. Plus, I have another scheme cooking up in the ol' brain here.

Another thing I keep thinking about is Texas Frightmare in April. I REALLY want to go - George Romero will be there and I will get to meet him if I attend! It just won't be as much fun without my Mikey there. We went to Pittsburgh in Sept. to our first horror convention and he was so awesome. I know he is not as much into the horror and zombie genre as I am - but he did so much for me and just for me. I really appreciated that and love him so much for it. Plus, he knows who Bruce Campbell is now and that rocks! I hope to attend; I just want to wait a little longer before making plans. Lots of my friends are already talking about Horror Realm in Sept 2010 in Pittsburgh again so that is another thing to think about. Do I really want to go that far without Mikey? If not, should I go by myself - or can I find someone to go with me? I guess we shall see when it gets closer.

Fun times tomorrow night! Mikey, the boys and I are going to see "Gremlins" in the theater at the Robinson Film Center - one of my favorite places in Shreveport! I think I saw it in the theater as a kid but can't really remember for sure. I do know that Peanut and Sammy LOVE that movie and it will be a great family outing! I wish I had a Gizmo shirt to wear - dang it!

Okay, that is enough of my rambling for now. I hope that my 2 readers have a Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever they celebrate, and most definitely and Happy New Year! I will try my best to make it good even though I will spend 2010 without my better half. Wah.


Anonymous said...

You can always fly up to Columbus and go over with us if you want to girl!


Bob Nailor said...

Michelle, just stumbled on this post. I had to let you know, you're right! Once that checkmark goes up beside "Editor" all kinds of things happen. I know, I co-edited "Nights of Blood 2" for 23 House. Looking forward to the new anthology and I'm sure you will "due" a great job. Had to do it, you know, a play on words with 'paying dues' and all.