Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dead Set: A Zombie Anthology

So....edits are pretty much finished on Dead Set and the release date is April 5, 2010! I am super excited and super proud of this book! Check out the website here to read all the details and watch the awesome trailer put together by one of the authors with a story in the book, Steven W. Booth.

Did I ever explain how I came to be one of the editors of this anthology?
Last year, I had my first short story published by "Library of the Living Dead Press." It was called "Every Rose." It wasn't my best story ever, but I was proud of it. I found out that there was a small book festival in my town; authors had the opportunity to have a table and sell their books. I applied - somewhat anxiously, knowing that with only one published short story under my belt, I was pretty amateur in comparison to most of the authors involved. I soon found out that they accepted my application and were excited to have me involved! I called my publisher, Mike (aka Dr. Pus, LOL) and ordered 25 books at cost to sell at the festival. I crossed my fingers to at least make back what I paid for the books!

The weeks zoomed by and the day came. With help from my crafty & creative aunt, I set up an attractive table with goodies and info about my upcoming writing. I even did a reading at the festival - an excerpt from "Every Rose" and a zombie poem I had written. It was a good day; I sold seventeen books and even autographed and took pictures with people! It was a little overwhelming - I mean, I'm not famous or anything! The best part of the day was getting to meet, get my book signed and get a picture with Charlaine Harris, of Southern Vampire fame. Well, I also ended up chatting with one of the book festival organizers who is now one of my very best friends, Carey, so a lot of good came out of that day.

Okay, back to the anthology...
I got home that evening and relaxed with a satisfied smile on my face and a content feeling in my soul. I slipped into my ratty old house dress and checked my email. I saw something very interesting...Mitchel Whitington of 23 House Publishing had a table at the festival...and he picked up a copy of the anthology with my story in it...and he had recently been thinking of doing a zombie anthology with author Joe McKinney....and was on the lookout for another editor...and would I be interested? He said it just seemed to all fall into place so perfectly. I replied almost immediately; Mitchel mailed to me a proposal and a copy of a previous vampire anthology he had published called "Nights of Blood 2" (which is excellent, by the way) and of course, I said YES YES YES!!!

The entire editing process with Joe, Mitchel, everyone, has been phenomenal. From choosing the title of the book, to choosing the stories, to choosing the cover art and to every little thing in has been such a great first editing experience for me.

I don't know what doors this may open for me, but if anything, it has been so fun! I can't wait to walk into the bookstore and see that anthology sitting on the shelf knowing that Joe, Mitchel, the contributing authors & I put a lot of work into that and that the readers will enjoy it. The stories are wonderful; not a stinker in the bunch!

If you are interested in buying, the pre-order on the link above is a great deal and I suggest doing that! I hope you enjoy it!

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