Friday, June 18, 2010

Catching flies

Hello my readers, all two of you! I have had one heck of a week and feel the need to write about it - in particular my attempt to "catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" as the old saying goes.

The week started out okay. Michael began film camp; the movie they made this week titled "Deady Bears" will premiere today and I cannot wait to see it! I had the privilege of being the make up lady on set (yes, there were zombies!) so it is close to my heart.

Wednesday was the day. I was off of work, and had a check up appointment with my neurologist. In case I haven't ever said so on my blog, I have multiple sclerosis. Well, it's not like I go around introducing myself "Hi, my name is Michelle and I have MS!" So, it's not like you could have known. I do okay most of the time; it's in the early stages and I am on injection therapy to slow the effects of it. Dr. Kundo had told me at my last appointment that I didn't do so well on my memory test and probably have adult ADD. ME, ADD! I would have never guessed it! He says that it manifests differently in everyone, especially adults. It could explain why I a) don't sleep well b) can't focus sometimes c) stress out over little things d) have OCD over minor things and other various things I have never even thought about. make a long story short, he has decided to treat me for it with a low dosage medication and see how I do. Yay. Not really. Well, if it helps....we'll just see, now won't we?

So, I left the doctor's office. On my way through a neighborhood to miss traffic, I was pulled over for going 11 miles over the speed limit. It was 25, but I honestly thought it was 35. So, now I have to pay a ticket and take defensive driving to keep it off my record and insurance. At this point in my day, I was ready to crawl into a dark hole and never emerge.

Michael and I grabbed a quick lunch at a Chinese buffet and headed down to artspace for his film camp. I had a great time doing zombie make up on the kids. I got to meet some great kiddos and one girl in particular, Hanna, was a great assistant and a smart, sweet girl.

Michael and I left at 5 PM. I walked to my truck, where I had parked in the parking lot for the Robinson Film Center, which sponsored the camp. There was a vehicle parked behind me, blocking me. There was also a business card on my window with the words "Private Parking" written on it. I had apparently parked in an area that was not for the Robinson. It was really confusing, but definitely all my fault.

As soon as the lady came out, I apologized profusely and told her it was a mistake. I told her that I honestly thought that the parking was for the Robinson Film Center. She was really mean to me. She told me I had been in her spot all day (not true, only 1 PM - 5 PM) and that she pays for her spot. She also said that next time, she will have me towed. I explained to her again that there will not be a next time and that I was really, really sorry. I didn't know what else to say. I was ready to cry at this point - I was so stressed out. We finally left, and I did cry. Poor Michael, my 12 year old. He had been with me all day and seen me go through all of it, even when my doctor told him he needed to cut me some slack, he felt bad. He tried to make me feel better, and I really love him for that.

I picked up Sammy from my friend's house and went home. The next morning, I got to work and before clocking in, I had an idea. I still had her business card. And you know, I really was grateful she didn't get my truck towed. Had I walked out and my truck had been gone, I would have had a break down right there in the middle of downtown Shreveport. So...I wrote her a note thanking her for not towing my truck, and I also apologized again, explaining to her how stressful my life is; my husband being deployed, health and family issues, etc...without going into detail. Then I walked next door to Edible Arrangements and sent her an arrangement with the note attached. I hope she enjoys it. I really do. I also hope that she will think twice about being so mean to someone who is honestly sorry for doing something wrong, like I was. But I am, once again, thankful she didn't have my truck towed. And like they say, I hope that I caught that fly. Because she left her business card on my truck with all of her information, if I had been an evil person, I could have easily swatted her.

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