Sunday, July 10, 2011

Always wondering why? Me too!

Sometimes, most of the time really, I just go go go...."just keep swimming!" as Dory would say. It's times when I stop, sit & think that I get all thoughtful about life.

I wonder why things that bother me so much don't bother other people. I wonder why there are people who constantly feel like they are biting their tongue, or apologizing for speaking their mind or feeling the way they feel.

Everyone, in this great big world, is entitled to their thoughts and opinions. I just can't stand when someone is made to feel like their words don't count, their feelings aren't worth anyone's time, and they just need to "shut up" or "drop it." It's like you can see it in their eyes...when they just give up. When they realize it doesn't matter anymore and no one is listening. What happens to those people on the inside? They don't feel worthy. They constantly second-guess themselves, and constantly wonder what it is that THEY are doing wrong. What are they doing wrong? They are questioning why they can't have a chance to speak their mind or stand their ground. Don't we teach our children to stand up for themselves, to not let anyone take advantage of them or walk all over them? If so, why do we belittle people who are trying hard to do the very thing that they were taught was the right thing to do for themselves?

I think that lots of people don't realize that they are doing this to other people - because if they did, they might not do it. Who wants to be that kind of person, that "bully on the playground?" Those kinds of people are entitled to their words and feelings also, but they really need to realize that it goes both ways. It's the old adage of "treat others as you would have them treat you."

Walk a mile in someone else's shoes. Feel someone belittling them, hear the words they say to them. Listen to people when they tell you that they don't control your feelings. You might realize that it's true: other people don't control your feelings...but they sure do have a huge impact on them. Possibly you would realize that you aren't over-sensitive, just a normal human being who doesn't know what it is like to be lifted up & respected, held in high regard, by the ones that you need it from the most.

Then when you get that feeling...what will you do? Will fighting back work? You probably will feel that it won't. You will put on your thick-skin armor, and live day to day, pretending things don't bother you. But they do bother you. You just tuck it under your armor and move on...until the armor is so tight and constrictive that it bursts from you, out of your control. Then everyone else will wonder why, and what will you tell them?

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