Friday, June 24, 2011

A new website and so much more

Since I am now doing websites and graphic design freelance work, let me get my obligatory self-plug out of the way....check out my website at!

Now onto other things.

Last night was the first of the Shreveport Zombie Walk 2011 planning meetings. It was well attended (yes!) and I am so glad to have folks willing to help out! As much as I love coordinating it, it is getting bigger and better every year and I really need to delegate out some of the jobs, so that I don't get burned out! I'm really excited about some of the ideas we discussed and have planned.

On a personal note, I have to say that I am kind of bummed that Doctor Who split into 2 parts for this season. It was really cool to know that on Sunday afternoons after church, we would all sit down and watch the new episode. (Yes, Sammy & I sucked in my husband and other son, Michael. They aren't as hard-core Whovian as we are, but watch the new season with us.) It won't be back until the fall, but so will our other show, Chuck, and MY other show, The Walking Dead. I really don't have other shows. And I really don't watch anything when it actually comes on! I just don't seem to be home at the time and we only have basic cable and no DVR. For some reason, we just refuse to give into that. I'm not judging you if you do have DVR - I think it's really cool - but I don't's just an added expense that my family can't really justify. Hell, we went without cable or satellite for about 9 years until last summer! Having a ton of DVDs and then later, Netflix Instant, was enough for us, and probably still would be.

But...I MISS THE DOCTOR! Even Matt Smith, as weird-looking as he is! I guess I just miss the whole world of Doctor Who. Sammy and I do watch older episodes sometimes...from the new season, because we just can't seem to get into the older, original Doctor Who episodes. Maybe someday we will, but we do have lots of respect for them . : )

If I haven't mentioned it, I do keep another blog about my son Sammy, and Michael occasionally, because what teenager wants their mom blogging about how "awesome" they are...its at If you are a fan of Doctor Who, that is the place to be!

On Father's Day, my family went to see "Super 8." The boys and I absolutely LOVED it! My husband liked it, but felt it suffered a little from poor story-telling. He is certainly entitled to his opinion...wink wink...
The best part about the movie, in my opinion, is that the kids are good actors....and they act like REAL KIDS. Yes, they curse every once in a while, they pick on each other, etc...but guess what? That is what kids do when there are no adults around! That is why, growing up, we all loved "The Goonies" so much! Although as an adult, my favorite line in the movie is from Mama Fratelli: "Kids suck." Ha ha ha! Whether you agree with her or not, it is hilarious that she says that.

We also took Sammy to see "Kung Fu Panda 2" last week, while his Michael was gone to camp. You have to understand that kung fu movies hold a place in our hearts - Michael & Sammy have been practicing kung fu for 8 years. Not karate or tae kwan do (no offense to those, it's just not the same) - real, for really real kung fu, like the Furious Five do in the movies. As a matter of fact, Michael is outside right now, waiting for his ride, to leave for a 3 day kung fu camp that is very intense. He will return home with crazy, dangerous weapons the likes I have never seen....and he will know how to use them. Scary right? Not really. They also teach them to respect what they learn and to "empty their cup." In other words, don't use kung fu if you don't need to, and don't be cocky. But I usual.

Now...back to the was REALLY good! I mean, laugh out loud funny...and even one part brought me to tears! I would go see it again in the theater, I liked it that much. If you go, be sure and stay for the credits - the drawings of Po growing up during them are well worth watching.

More movies we are looking forward to are the last Harry Potter, and of course...Captain America! Michael's favorite super-hero has been the Cap for years and well...I can't deny going to see a movie about a man in uniform, being married to a super cute one myself!

Alright, my break is over. Back to work! Gotta get into Photoshop again and get lost in the world of layers and layer comps....byyyyeeeee......

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