Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gonna try to blog more...with reviews! The Walking Dead!

Hi everyone of you! All 13 of you! That's right, I have a "lucky" 13 followers on my blog! Woooooo! In an effort to try to keep up my writing, I am going to try to blog more. And what better thing to write than reviews of stuff that I read/watch/hear? Maybe there are some folks out there that care what a *&^tysomething year old horror fan lady has to say about the genre, specifically zombie related stuffs....if not...well then, you can just hit "next blog" and move along. No harm, no foul!

I was trying to decide what to review first. Well, since it is over and done with for Season 1, I will attempt to tackle AMC's "The Walking Dead." I will just say SPOILER ALERT because I don't think that I myself can properly review it without spoiling the ca-rap out of it...and the comics. So consider yourself warned!

First of all....I am a HUGE fan of the comics. I have read up to trade #12 probably all the way through at least twice. And yes...I am one of those people who will say that the "book is way better than the show." That's because IT IS.
Not to say the show is horrible...but it's also not that...great either. Before I really get started, I just hope that Season 1 was just like a 7-hour-long pilot and Season 2 will blow us all away with its awesomeness.

Episode 1 started out pretty solid. The opening scene alone probably turned off a lot of viewers; I mean....a child zombie getting shot in the head right out? I can handle it, but I'm a hardcore zombie fan. It still makes me shudder though...cause I'm a mommy. : (

The zombies are amazing. Nothing was spared on gore. They look pretty real, aside from a few small things like obvious latex work on faces. But, whatcha gonna do? Go really kill some folks and reanimate them? Probably not.

They did a pretty good job telling the story...but they added some things in there that I could have done without, and from what others have said...lots could have also. They added racial issues, domestic abuse, etc...it just all made me say yuck. I know its a drama and it needs to be amped up...but come on. If I wanted to watch that, I would watch Desperate Housewives or some other crap.

I want to see people surviving. I want to see the characters that were in the comic. If I am not mistaken, they blended a few together, cut out one or two, and definitely added some! I know some things that work in a comic doesn't work so well on screen...but why did they have to put the whole "scientist in a lab trying to find a cure" story arc in? That is SO overdone! If not in TV, then in movies and definitely in books! And it all had to end with a huge explosion, right? Where were the zombies? In the comic, Rick and crew come upon a gated community and think they have found their safe haven, only to have that hope crushed. They move on to discover a prison, and why, oh WHY!?! couldn't that have been the season finale? It would have been PERFECT! They could have added some drama/action to that somehow. Certainly we could have done without Shane being an even BIGGER a**hole and trying to sexually assault Lori! Really with that?

(Side note: I say "Really with that?" a lot. That is my way of saying that I can't believe that actually happened. I might shorten it to RWT when I don't fell like typing so much.)

Basically, I will try to sum it all up. My favorite episode was #2 - Guts. It was pretty gross, and a lot like the comics in style. It made me have hope for Season 2. I will continue to watch for Season 2, which will not come out until (rumored) October 2011. I hate to wait, but being a recovering Lostie, I know what it means to wait if I want to receive a quality series. Plus, what other TV series do I have to look forward to this year that is all about zombies, huh? None. RWT?

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