Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stoked about Stokers! it's not an official nomination, but a preliminary ballot, so I can't say that I am "Stoker nominated" but O. Em. Gee. The anthology that I co-edited with Joe McKinney (Dead Set: A Zombie Anthology) and also have a short-story in, is on the preliminary list!
Check it out here:
This is not the final ballot, and you have to make the final cut to officially say you are a "Stoker Nominated" writer, editor, etc...
So I am not getting ahead of myself and going there, because it is not a cool thing to do. Although it is an honor to make the preliminary, among so many talented and deserving people. It's kind of overwhelming. The president of the Horror Writers Association friended me on Facebook and sent me a message inviting me to join the HWA. I had already considered it but didn't know if I fit the qualifications. After looking them over, I do fit for a supporting membership, and maybe after a few more of my short stories are published, I can move up from there.
Wow, this is inspiring. I'm off to write more scary stuff, so see you guys and ghouls later!

....and blood came out....

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