Thursday, February 3, 2011

A story....with blood....

Hi mom!
My mom is my biggest fan, so this is for her. You can read it too, you might get a chuckle out of it.
She tells me, and everyone that will listen, that ever since I was about four years old, I have been telling scary stories. I only slightly remember some of them, but they were short, like the ones currently write. Last year I was told by my neurologist, after taking a long and boring memory something, something test for my multiple sclerosis, that I show the signs of adult ADD. This surprised me at the time, but looking back at my life, I can totally see it. I will be lucky if I ever actually sit down long enough to write an actual book much less a short story that is more than five thousand words!
Back to the stories...oooohhh...something shiny, oohhh a pony!
But I digress.
Mama says all of the stories I told ended with the same four words: "...and blood came out."
Yes, even as a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed elementary schooler, I was trying to shock my friends and family with minimal gore and twist-endings.
I actually remember a few of these stories, so I will give you a few of them here today. This is for you mama, for always encouraging my writing, and beaming with pride every time I sign a book to you with those four little words. I haven't made it big yet, but if and when I do, it will be because you always told me that I could do it, no matter what! You never made me feel strange or weird for liking horror, like some other people do. Thanks Mama, you're the best! I love you!

The Christmas Present

It was Christmas morning, and all the little girl wanted was a new bow and arrow. She had asked Santa for it special. She was so excited when she opened her gifts and there it was: a shiny new bow and arrows to go with it. She also got a new target with a bright red bullseye right in the middle. The little girl wasted no time and took it outside to try it out. She set the target against a tree, stood back, and steadied her bow. She shot an arrow. She walked over to look at the target to see if she hit it. The arrow had hit the bullseye right in the middle.....and blood came out.

The Vanilla Wafer

The little girl came home from school and was really hungry. She wanted a snack so badly. She kept bugging her dad for some chips, but instead he gave her some vanilla wafer cookies. She told him it wasn't what she wanted, but he made her eat them anyway. The little girl took a vanilla wafer cookie and put it into her mouth. She took a bite...and blood came out.

Hahaha! Those are all I can remember right now. The Christmas Present really stands out the most to me. But the cookie one? That's just gross! Where did I come up with THAT? Let me know what you think, and Mom, if you can remember any other ones, let me know!

Later readers!

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trueblue said...

A different ending for this story: And tears came out!